Image Import changes selection

I’m on a Mac, using SketchUp Pro 19.3.252. Not sure if this is a bug, but it is confounding: When I go to import an image as “Use as Image” (let’s say a JPEG satellite photo) but the last time I inserted an image with the setting “Use as Material”, I will change the pulldown to “Use as Image” then go find my image file. However, anytime you navigate to a new folder, it reverts to the prior state, in this case “Use as Material”. If you reset it again, then click on the desired file… it will revert AGAIN! Anyone having this problem and/or can convince that there is any value to this functionality? I’m tired of trying to insert an image only to find that it switched back to “Use as Material” mode and I have to escape and try again.


I’m in Sketchup18 on Mac and I do not find this behavior, maybe this is something in 19. Whatever the last selection was persists on the next opening of the import for me and when navigating to other folders. I had to check this behavior just now to confirm as I never import images through the import dialogue, I just grab the file from the finder and drop it into the Sketchup window, which imports as an image automatically.

It’s a bug as I’ve seen this happen on 2019.3 as well…and it can be pretty annoying. Thanks for pointing it out! *Edit - reported.