Import stl object: where the H E double hockey stix is it?

I have an .stl I am importing. But it seems lost in the matrix! How can i find it??? I know it’s there because if I try to exit, Sketch Up asks if I want to save changes. Also, when I import to another sketch up file, then export as an stl, and then go to Cura to print, it can’t because how large the object is. HELP??

After the original import have you tried Zoom Extents? That should show you where the model you have imported is.

Look for this icon in the Large Toolset:

or from the menu, Camera/Zoom Extents.

If it’s a long distance from the origin, that may cause problems. Try moving it closer to the model origin.

OMG THERE IT IS!!! THANK YOU!!! Now to try and get it to Origin. I have NO idea how far away it is…

If you want to see where it is in relation to the origin, open the component (If it is one) for editing. Use the Text tool (menu Tools/Text) and click on a vertex in the imported model. That should display the coordinates of the vertex.

To move it to the origin:

Start the Move tool (press letter m)

Click on one corner of your import, now you can see it.

For the destination, just type [0,0,0]. Sketchup may add the final square bracket for you.

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