Import scene (2D graphic of section) into Vectorworks

Hi all

I have created a number of sections and elevations as ‘scenes’ from my 3D sketchup model and want to import them as 2D sections and elevations in Vectorworks.

When exporting the scenes as 2D graphics (dwg or dxf files) and then importing the files into Vectoroworks, it’s pulling through all of the geometry of my Sketchup model from the chosen scene i.e not just the visible geometry in my Sketchup scene but everything infront and behind it resulting in a mess of lines.

I seem to have very limited export options so am not sure if there’s a trick i’m missing in order to isolate the geometry of my chosen scene for export.


Send the model/section(s)/scene to LayOut, set the viewport render as Vector, export DWG and you’ll have a 2D drawing

and from SketchUp - File > Exort > 2D Graphic > DWG

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Thanks so much for your suggestions. Once I’ve sent the scene to Layout and attempt to render as Vector, the software crashes, I’ve experiemented with this extensively and simply can’t find a way of converting to Vector.

Once I export the scene to DWG directly from sketchup I firstly can’t open the file directly (unrecognized file etc) but if I attempt to import it in a new Vectorworks file all of the model pulls through (essentially just black blobs) and then crashes.

I can see the scene perfectly in sketchup, just no way of actually exporting it!


Create a Scene (West Elevation, Floor Plan, etc.) and adjust your Style Settings in that tab. Display in Hidden Line Mode. Update your Scene(s). Export from SketchUp to .DWG file. There should be no reason to go into Layout (unless I’m badly misunderstanding what you are trying to do). I export Scenes to DWG and open them in AutoCAD all the time and they only include what is visible on the screen when displaying hidden line mode.