Import kmz into sketchup pro2021 fail


I use SUpro2021 ON MACINTOSH, hence no SunDAT solution :frowning:
I have tried to locate at EXACT SAME geo position : doesn’t work either.
Why is there a possibility to import .KMZ files if it DOES NOT work ?
No importer compatible with SU21 in the extensions warehouse either.
Sumbodi any idea of how-to ?

Thank you. iOllie, France.

You could import a .kmz file that was exported from SketchUp. .kmz files that you get from sources like Google Earth don’t contain any information that is useful to SketchUp.

Regardless of the source, the KMZ file needs to contain a 3D model (in Collada format) to be importable into SketchUp. Usually they don’t.

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