Import IFC export OBJ


I’m trying to find a good api to import an IFC file and export OBJ files with certain data - (Non descriptive details i.e. positioning - vertices, etc) positioning, referencing id on the type of OBJ, floor / level, system, etc.

I’d be calling the api through a ruby api and wondering if there’s a way to retrieve extracted data.

Do you know if this is possible through this api?

Let me know if I didn’t give enough information.

I’m trying to figure if this is possible with this api?

Hello Brian, just moved you’re topic to the developers category, since you’re asking about the API.
If interested in the export of IFC, here is a link to an IFC exporter on GitHub, you can have a glimpse on what to expect:

The native SketchUp IFC import API method (Pro editions ONLY) …

The native SketchUp OBJ export API method (Pro editions ONLY) …

There are also some 3rd party OBJ exporter extensions (as the OBJ format is plain text and open.)
Some are free, some cost money. Some are closed code, some have open unencrypted code.


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