Import from Qgis to Sketchup and re-import to Qgis


I’m creating a solar plant with Sketchup, first, I’ve identified my implantation area in Qgis prgramme. Then, I use sketchup to create my topography and create my solar plant. Once I want to import my solar plant sketch (.DXF) to qgis, it is located in the african ocean’s while it is meant to be in Herry, France.

I think it’s due to a cordenate probleme but I don’t know how to modify them in sketchup
Herry topographie 1m 2.dxf (9.0 MB)

Well it kept the location data behind it (for me). I opened it in my AutoCAD with Geolocation turned on and the aerial imagery actually linked up. Very slick! So with that I must say that this might be a SU issue and not with the file.