Can topographic data be imported into Sketchup from QGIS?

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I am modeling solar farms for which I have access to the geographic data and thus the topography.
I have this data on the “QGIS” software and I would like to know if it’s possible to export all the topography from this software and into Sketchup without issues.

This would be usefull because, even though the sandbox tool is good, it wouldn’t be ideal to try and replicate the exact terrain by hand while I could just use the widely available data instead.

Any help or insight is appreciated of course!
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Try this

Thank you for your reply!

I will be trying out this advice during next week’s shifts and then I’ll share my results in here.

I was once successful in generating a DXF from QGIS and importing that. It might have required a plugin to Qgis.

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QGIS can export to DXF natively. I use that feature all the time.