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I’m trying to import terrain data from but sketchup is only giving a generic error or crashing. Anyone else seen this problem?

The data downloaded from is very heavy. If you buy it from [e-torg] (e-Torg er en nettbutikk for digitale kart og byggesakstjenester) (390 NOK) you can download smaller areas in the formats laz, e57 and xyz and open it in meshlab, cloudcompare etc. and export as a mesh or dwg etc. If you have Sketchup Studio it handles point clouds with Scan Essentials.

I downloaded dataset DTM50 to the GeoTIFF file, which I imported into QGIS and then exported the 3D model using the Qgis2threejs plugin (inside QGIS, just install it) as a GLTF file, which I then imported into SketchUp using the Universal Importer extension (I reduced the number of polygons from 700,000 at 40,000).





With the .DEM extension I was able to import the file downloaded from hoydedata into Terragen 4.


The fjords look nicely designed.

To be serious, i am taking note of @mihai.s 's workflow. Our National Survey, I think, has its free data in somewhat same formats.

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With a lot of geometry…

… and with DTM1 instead of DTM50… probably more.

I had almost the same process today. DOM1 (with surface objects) DEM file (1 GB) → QGIS → clipped raster → QGIS2ThreeJs plugin → GLTF file → Blender → DAE file → native Sketchup Pro 2023 import.

I reply to myself, because I found a way from DEM file to SKP without using Blender.

Side note, both DEM and GLTF/GLB file format are supposed to have native import methods (SU Pro 2023), but none of these worked for me - in fact, native GLTF/GLB import just caused an unresolved hangup in the program.

DEM file → QGIS → QGIS2ThreeJS extension → GLB file → Sketchup → Universal Importer extension (Sketchucation)

PS, the imported terrain has visible polygon lines. I used the Smooth panel to get rid of those.