Import CAD files - perfect circles



Hi there. I hope you all good. Just wondering how to import from autocad files and preserve the original drawing like perfect circles and cones. I just have a different Project and i use a lot of perfect curves. i really dont know how to do it.
I someone could help me out… Many thanks



SketchUp doesn’t make “perfect circles”. It uses short line line segments to represent curves so you have to work within that limit.


Thanks for your fast reply!
Is there any options to make it more “perfect”? Because ive a lot of imperfections with this…



Not really. You can increase the number of segments in the “circle” but you can’t make it fully perfect. The fundamental representation of geometry in SketchUp is finite edges and planar faces bounded by edges. Although it retains metadata about the ideal circle when you create one, it still represents it using a sequence of edges and may “forget” the metadata during some kinds of subsequent edits.


Ok. Thanks ill try to handle this. Regards


You try my extension but it’s only support dxf file.