Import a compression spring from 3D warehouse and resize


(1) I have imported a compression spring from the 3D warehouse.
But now I am not able to resize the model to the required dimensions.

(2) Furthermore, how does it work with a screw? If I resize the screw to a certain length, then the thread will end up with an undefined pitch.

Can you give me your expert view?

It depends on how the model was created. In the case of the screw anyway, it’s not realistic to expect the thread pitch to remain the same if you are changing the length with Scale.

You could probably copy a length of the screw and add that geometry to the existing geometry. I have a need to show screws in some of the projects I do in SketchUp. I’ve developed what I call an adjustable screw component. The original was a 2 in. long #8 flat head wood screw because that’s what I needed when I drew it. Over the years as I’ve needed other screws in other projects, I made new screws from that original component in different lengths, sizes, and heads. My adjustable screws are for illustration only. There’s no requirement for 3D printing so I haven’t made them printable.

A compression spring is easy enough to draw using Curve Maker and Follow Me that I wouldn’t bother resizing one if it needed any sort of accuracy.

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