Import 3DS mesh comes in components strips?

Hi all,

I am very new to sketchup, but not 3D in general.

I want to import a topo mesh to sketchp and apply a material to it.
I found out the only file type to do so is 3DS…

So I exported a .3ds mesh from C4D and imported into Sketchup. Problem is Instead of coming in as a single, joined object, it seems it has been grouped in a number of component strips… Is this normal? How do I apply a material to it?

This is the import result:

Strips of components on my mesh…

I notice I don’t get the usual Texture>Position menu. So I can’t move or scale my texture :frowning:

It is probably the way C4D is creating the 3DS file. 3DS is an antiquated file format that has a limit to the number of polygons a single mesh can contain, so C4D is possibly splitting your terrain to chunks to go round this limitation. Why not use Collada (.DAE) instead?

That works only with a single face. Import your texture as to the right scale , place it above your terrain, change its type to Projected, sample it and paint your terrain.

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Okay thanks!

.DAE import worked fine.

The texture painting not so much.

I followed this video:

My texture is correctly set to project.

But once I sample and paint the texture is all messed up… :frowning:

Attach your model so we can see what you have.