iMac Keyboard/SU 2016 trouble connection!

On my iMac OS X 10.11.6 with a 2T HD and 2 partitions plus eDrive. On one partition, and only that one, when I use SketchUp 2016, letters and numbers keyboard become no more responsive after sometime. Even quit SU, the keyboard doesn’t respond anymore. Others functions keys still work normally. Repair Permissions do not solve the trouble. I must restart from an other partition to rebuild the Directory to make the Keyboard working as usual.
A suggestion on what could be the cause of this trouble ?

Look at some of the suggestions here, especially about TextExpander:

It could be that your slow partition has different background applications that are loaded when you start from that partition. Look for what is different between the two.

Also, see if the trick of just logging out and in again is a quicker fix than rebuilding the directory.

Thanks Colin, look like I found a solution (?) at least yesterday my keyboard has working all day long without trouble. By going to System Preferences > Universal Access > Keyboard and toggling the “Slow Keys” option on and off.

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Thanks for reporting back. I hadn’t heard of that option.

After 3 days, still working without trouble.
I cross my fingers :blush:

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