I'm looking for the post with this image


A short time ago, someone posted this image of their SU model. I would like to re-find the post, and the model, but all I have is this image which I noticed and copied for a friend, less than a week ago on 7 Jan 2017.

Google search for the image ID didn’t find it, nor for the image itself.

I think it is a car park exit barrier, but a search on the forum for ‘barrier’ or ‘car park’ does’t find it.

It was only a week or so ago, but unfortunately I don’t remember the post title, so scrolling back through ‘Latest’ isn’t finding it for me either.

Can anyone else help me to find it?


search for intercom…



Try this.


@DaveR, @john_drivenupthewall, thanks to you both. That is indeed it.

How did you do it? Did you remember something about the post I didn’t, beyond the image itself?


I remembered the word “cartoon” in the thread and did a search for that.


I remembered ‘traffic lights, barrier and intercom’ were his deliverables…

intercom is the most obscure so gives only that post…



… I read that thread and I remember the term “endpoints” and that Dave posted two versions of the screenshot, one with, one without. (So I would have searched his posts, had he not beat me to it.)

(But might have had problems as it was Steve that posted the images.) :rofl:


It was my post, first one at that :grin: The image is now so much better thanks to the help of the guys on here!


Thanks again to all, including @DanRathbun and the original modeller, @Hellmooth. And for the sheer speed of the replies!


Do you need anything else? I could give you access to the model so you can view it from all angles?


Many thanks for the offer. You attached a copy of the model in your original post, which now I have found it again, I have downloaded already.


True, new to this so to up to speed with it all!