I lost my model

I lost my model while editing a component from warehouse, can somebody please help me as soon as possible, I have to submit it

Share the .skp file so we can help you. The sooner you share it the sooner we can help you.

my file is too big, what should i do

Upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

can i upload it via gdrive

Yes, Google Drive is fine.

AD6-1MODEL FINAL EDIT (FEB.24).skp - Google Drive here it is i was trying the other steps in convos regarding this but it wasnt working

What was the last component you were trying to edit?

solar panel parking

oh my bad it’s solar car park

are you still there? does it still have some hope :frowning:

It appears to be very messed up. I don’t see a solar car park component in Outliner. So far all I’ve been able to see what looks like a very heavy edge.

I did fix incorrect tag usage,
Screenshot - 2_24_2022 , 2_19_51 PM

And purged Unused stuff. You win the prize for the most unused components I’ve ever seen in a single file, though. Results in cutting file size by 75%.
Screenshot - 2_24_2022 , 2_23_34 PM

You appeared to be modeling in Parallel Projection which I expect is part of the problem. Modeling should be done in Perspective.

I’ll keep digging. What did you actually try to do with the component when you were editing it?

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when i selected the dash line, the solar car park appears in component attributes

I’ve been trying to fix your mess. Hold your horses.

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i think i was just moving the component so they would stick together

ahahaha thank you so much for your help im about to panic cause i have deadline tomorrow

what do you mean with unused components? i sometimes hide the others so i can edit the other parts

It appears your entire model has been scaled out into one long line. Might not be repairable.

are you still trying to fix it, or this is the end :frowning:

I’m still trying but at this point I’m not holding my breath that it’ll be fixable.