I'm having a problem. I'm trying to sign up as a college student

Hi, my name is Sydney Jasinski I’m trying to get the student account so I can do my homework and have access to sketch up pro, but I submitted my proof of my school ID last night, but I still don’t have sketch up pro in the options under my apps. and I have to get my homework done. what should I do? or is there any way someone can approve that for me that would be great.

Flick me your bank details, id etc and we’ll have it sorted in no time.

I already bought the program I just need my ID to get approved.

So getting a SU student licence goes through a partner. a local reseller who deals with the particularities of student ID

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I assume you used your local partner. have you called them ? Because if all you need is for them to greenlight your student ID, it might be the fastest solution.