Ignore inferencing engine?

Is there really no way to tell SU Pro to ignore inferencing, temporarily and/or at will? I do understand the feature, and it works really well as designed, but there are times when it simply gets totally in the way. Sometimes when I’m moving objects, or even creating them, in close proximity to other objects—unrelated objects—I really, really, really do not need nor want any sort of relationship between object Foo and object Bar; I just need it to be closer than the inference engine will allow me to place it.

The lack of any information—and even the rarity of others asking the community about this same topic—makes me think that perhaps I’m just doing something wrong or unexpected or simply not the Sketchup way. I’m not an engineer or graphics or design pro, I’m just a guy trying to do stuff, so any education on the matter would be greatly appreciated.

[Sketchup 2024, Mac OS Sonoma 14.4, MacBook Pro M1]

How close is that. Provide an .skp file as an example. I’ve never once had an issue using SketchUp’s inference engine to place objects exactly where I want them. I certainly can’t imagine doing that without inferencing.

It may be that the issue is my actual object has rounded corners, but it’s a group so SU has given it a rectangular bounding box. When I then try to move the object so the rounded corner is placed where I want it, it wants to “infer” that I want the corner (of the bounding box) aligned to some inferred point of the other object. This inferencing is preventing me from placing the true edge of the object where I want it. Hence the desire to ignore the inferencing.

I’ll try to get a .skp file for you.

I’ll guess you could change your process and sort things out pretty easily. I regularly model things with rounded corners and it’s never a problem to get things placed exactly where I need them. This is my current project as an example.

And some previous ones.

Three Small Engines

Arbor Press detail

Shaft Hanger Assembly

When moving, move from a point on the true edge. Inference from that point and simply type the distance you want to move if it is truly less than you perceive to be possible.