IFC Walls and OpeningElements

What is the best way to create an IfcOpeningElement in a wall?

What I would really like to do is create a component in Sketchup of type IfcWall that is reusable. And then I would like to add an IfcOpeningElement for doorways and windows as needed to specific instances of the wall component.

I am not sure that this will work properly once I know how to do it because, apparently, you cannot cut through a component.

Can anyone offer some advice or examples on how to do this?

‘Openings or voids’ can be confusing in a surface modeller. One way is to draw a cube (or cilinder) and just leave it there untill the final wall is chosen. Then do a boolean with a copy of it.
Check these models:


It all depends on what you need.
You probably need an decent exporter, too.
You will find more info, here:

look at the live element wall, not an answer to your question but they do what you are asking in it.

Thanks! How do I do that?