IFC Model imports

When I import an IFC model. its coordinates are set to the original revit coordinates. how can I move the model to sketchup zero coordinates.

new user and its driving me mad.
ive tried the move command then entering 0,0,0 it says its an invalid measurement.

please help

If you use euro locale settings, the coordinate (and other Measurement argument) separators will be ; (semi-colon) and the decimal character will be comma instead of a period.

SketchUp User Guide: Moving Entities Around says:

6. (Optional) To move your item a precise distance, you can type either of the following during or immediately after the move:

  • Length: The number you type can be positive or negative, such as 20’ or -35mm. If you specify a unit of measurement, that unit overrides your template’s default units. For example, you can type 3’ 6" even if you are using metric system as your default.
  • Coordinates: The Measurements box accepts global or relative coordinates. To enter global coordinates, use square brackets, such as [3’, 4’, 5’]. To set relative coordinates, use angle brackets, such as <3’, 4’, 5’>.
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