Adding exact coordinates to model

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my aim is to export coodinated .ifc file from the model.
Original model (created in Allplan) is in coordinates, but if we save it to .skp, coordinates are lost.

Now, as I understand, only solution is geo location. But how do you do it excactly, mm accuracy? Is there any ways to “move and rotate” whole model based on two coordinates of abutment corners

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Object's Coordinates - How to get them from one file and how to set them in another file - #6 by paul.millet

you can also move an object using relative and absolute coordinates

In general, the (Bim) manager which tasks it is to coordinate different models is responsible for this.
I wouldn’t rely on geolocation.
Though you can move objects absolute and relative, it wouldn’t take in account rotation.
You can set the axes in a SketchUp model temporarily by rightclicking on an Axe and then move the origin and rotate it.
Then align the objects accordingly.
When exported as IFC, the original axes would be taken in account.

If you are responsible for combining different objects, I would create a project in Trimble connect, import the different models as reference in a ‘master’ SketchUp model and then use the align tool in the taskmanager of the Trimble Connect extension.

Then update the data with alignments and rotation to the cloud, so everyone is on the same level.