Adding coodinates to a sketchup model for export

Hi There

A colleague of mine has created a sketchup model of a bridge that has then been exported as a dwg. then coordinated to real world coordinates within AutoCAD.

I am hoping to avoid the step of coordinating the model in AutoCAD in future by having the sketchup model coordinated from the start.

Is there a way to add coordinates to a sketchup model so when I import it into Autocad or other programs it is imported to the desired coordinates?


Are you asking about geo-locating the model? You could do that in Window>Model Info>Geo-Location and click on Set Manual Location. Enter the lat/lon in the fields. I’m not sure if the location is included in an exported DWG file but it would be easy enough for you to test that out.

Positioning the model relative to the origin might or might not do it, but I don’t have experience with ACAD to say either way. It does work between one SketchUp file and another with “copy” and “paste in place.”

Is there a “preserve origin” option when importing into ACAD? The only possible problem is we’ve seen some trouble with SketchUp when models are drawn far from the origin.