If you could live in anything you can build (on SketchUp), what/where would you live?

Even if you can only draw boxes, how large would your box be?

I’ve modeled my house and live inside by now :slight_smile:

Lol, spent like 5 years modeling my dream home :stuck_out_tongue: .



I don’t know… I saw lots and lots of stairs and not one bathroom. :laughing: Nice moose.

Maybe the bathrooms aren’t the first thing you show :stuck_out_tongue: .

I’d live here:


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Truly awesome model and animation. Begs so many questions though, like:

Why 1905?

How do you get a London bus up the mount and past all the hairpin bends?

What’s the heating bill like?

And most of all:

Have you been binge watching too much Harry Potter?

1905 is specifically that tower and main staircase down to the large dining room. I’m thinking this part is quite new and uses steel beams to support the large spans. The oldest parts are medieval and the castle got an architectural overhaul during the renaissance.

The bus may have been airlifted. The helipad/harrierpad is next to the gallery.

The heating is free as the castle on exists in my computer :smiley: .

Harry Potter never was that much of an inspiration. I’ve been looking more at German and other central European castles, like Colditz, Hartenfels, Rochsburg and Konopiste.

I- How- I thought this post would just disappear- Where did you people come from? Thanks for the cool models?

I think I see quite a lot of Tre Kronor in it too


Actually not, but it’s a very similar architectural style.

Next devcamp we must take you on our trip, maybe we would then see some actual castles, don’t we @thomthom :sweat_smile:

@eneroth3 I wonder what your favorite castle is? Mine are: Stirling in Scotland, Tours de Merle in France and Koeningsburg, also in France, but once in Germany.

Edit, I forgot the most “beautiful” which I have visited, that must be Chenonceau.

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I forgot the name of this one but it was also a big source of inspiration! I’m not sure which one my own favorite is. I’ve visited too few castles!

My friend with his father already build something similar :grin:


When was this built? :open_mouth:

~10 years ago, still under construction :slightly_smiling_face:

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Built with a budget of course, so no castles, or double decker busses. Designed, modeled and condoc’d all in SketchUp / Layout.


Wow this is impressive! Must be cool to be able to really build stuff from SketchUp!

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Since I was a small boy who discovered a hammer, I always dreamed of building my own house. This is far from the likes of Christina’s castle, but it’s now my home and my castle! Big thanks to Mike Brightman, who was a huge help, inspiration, and mentor to help me with the drawings!


Not too Big, but not too ‘Tiny’ either…