Ideas how to create surface

Hi There, first post here. Any ideas how i close this edge on this part to make a surface?

You will need a plugin, I recommend you curviloft from Fredo6, it’s posible to make it with native tools but it can take a while to do that.

Turn the model so that the open end faces up. Then you can select the curves that define the end and use the Sandbox from Contours tool to create a surface. It will probably need some cleanup. Or use an extension like Curviloft, or “stitch” between vertices with the Line tool to create triangles.

Undo a few steps and change the way you cut the shape.

Thanks, I have curviloft, i’m just refreshing my memory on how to use it.

not sure how i would change how to cut it, i just intersected faces with model and deleted the bits i didnt need.

That was my point, you deleted some bits you did need.
It depends if you are working with groups/components or raw geometry, but basically that face existed and done correctly you don’t need to delete it as part of the bits.

I still dont get what you mean. Its a dust guard for a mitre saw, i modelled the guard then I wanted to add the dust port so i just made a cylinder and put it where i wanted then intersected models and trimmed both parts but the surface never closed. Thinking about it I could just delete the inner tube on the scoop, maybe cura would like that and print it OK.

You need to select both edges you want to create a surface, then press the first icon of curviloft. You may need to do some clean up, curviloft works better if both edges have the same count of segments.

Sorted, thanks amazing!

You could use solid tools to sort it out, or even at it’s most basic, intersect faces with.
But you need to be in, and understand, the correct context so the correct faces are forming.
Something like this.


Yeah that would work, and looks easier than what i did


And no need for any extensions.