Icon size is too large, 2018


I hit something and now my icons are too large? How do I get them back to a normal size?


Do you mean the toolbar buttons?

What version of SketchUp? What operating system? Please complete your profile.


Yes, the tool bar buttons, 2018.


What operating system. The instructions for fixing the toolbar button size are different on Mac and Windows.

Please complete your profile.


I don’t see where the profile is at? I am using windows.


Go to View>Toolbars. Click on the options tab and untick Large Icons.

Click on your avatar at the upper right of the forum page. It’s the N in the brown circle. Then click on the gear icon then Profile. Fill in the blanks appropriately. This shows mine.


Thanks for you help. I filled it out. NVIDIA GeForce 940MX


Your profile says you are using the free web based version. The instructions I gave you were for SketchUp 2018 because that’s what you said you were using. If you are using the free web-based version, the instructions are different. If that’s the situation, you likely held Ctrl while scrolling the wheel. Reset by either holding Ctrl and rolling the wheel the other way or reset the screen size. In Chrome that can be done by clicking on the magnifying glass on the right end of the address line and clicking Reset.


You are the man! thank you


Ctrl+0 often resets the zoom factor to 100%.