Icon needs to be fixed

Ahh lol ok :slight_smile: Yea now that I know how easy it is to swap no icon is safe! :slight_smile:

Well let me just share some geeky resources with you then!



I’m lazy enough that I just go looking to see what others have done. I got a lot from macosicons.com, I just created a folder in my Docurments called Icons and then I host all of the downloaded files so I can always find them when the inevitable upgrade breaks something (application or OS updates sometimes reset the icon.)

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Lol that’s cool. I just uploaded the 2 icons I modified.

I think that is one big problem with large organizations. Small things get lost. Small bugs and small things like this. I for one think large organizations should be able to take care of all these little things faster. Have a tiny team of like two people who just handle these little touch up things.

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Ha! So embarrassing, one of those temporary things I kept meaning to come back to. I sympathize with Trimble, I only had one icon to modify for a single purpose and I couldn’t get it done in 3 years.

Without really being able to speak to logistics, I know that we were down to the wire on some of the icon stuff and it was not a simple fix. The other problem is, once it’s out the door it’s easy to just say “good enough” and walk away. To that end, I’ll at least float this thread in front of the PM so they can evaluate for a future update.

Endlessfix just emphasized my point, once its done, its easy to never come back and fix it since it works “good enough.”

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Whole different topic, you should talk about it in that thread instead. This is a nice icon chat over here.

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I can not count the times I hit the wrong button SU looks like Layout at first sight! And opening SU or LO takes time!

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Thanks this is great! Could you send the one you made for Layout too please?

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Here’s an adjusted SketchUp app icon that perfectly matches the ideal macOS icon convention and also follows the SketchUp logo guidelines for clear space. Enjoy.