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I’ve seen a few of these done before, so I were having a mess around yesterday. I originally made it out of spheres but changed it. I think it just looks weird…


Weird yes, … but just due to “white” reflection on some faces.


Yes, that will be the additional light I added to counteract dark shadowing, ending up having completely the opposite effect. I don’t think the shapes of the components help either.


I drew a desk lamp really only for the practise of making the bent stem, which I used the “Radial Bending” tool from the Fredoscale extension. I saw Franquin’s post earlier with Box using it for some stairs and gave something a go myself…

I wondered what else I could do with the lamp, then a saying popped into my mind. So I thought I’d see If I could literally “shed some light on the matter”. Completely random, but there you go…


What’s the matter?


Don’t you mean, ‘What’s a Mattayogi?’
Nothing Boo-boo, I have the pic a nic basket!

Edit: That might be a bit too obscure for the average non us tv indoctrinated brit.


I am familiar Yogi bear, although I will admit I got “Matta” into Google before it suddenly clicked :smiley:


I’m sure it’s not so bad now, but 30 years ago when I was first in England I spent most of my time translating things from US to Brit and vise versa. In australia we had both English and US TV so we understood both, but England had very little US TV and the US no Britt TV. I distinctly remember trying to explain the premise of Gilligan’s Island and failing miserably.

Sorry, didn’t mean to drag things off topic.


I suppose I’ve got Easter on the brain at the moment, so I thought I’d use the theme for some intersecting experiments using an egg as a starting point.

This is an image I snipped early on as I were coming up with a few ideas, I used Fredo’s Bezier Curve tool for the egg outline, offset it and used Follow Me to get the initial hollow egg shape. I didn’t end up using the part on the right with all the holes in it though…

The model with the completed solid egg components and the pieces I used for intersecting, The Dave Method used for all of them…

The eggs looked a bit silly stood up, so I set up a little scene for Twilight…


I bumped into a tutorial on you tube earlier by “Tutorials Up” showing how to do animations with section cuts in SketchUp. They always have some interesting videos on show. I gave it a go, although it were a little confusing for a first try as all the cuts were on top of each other. It seems to work pretty good.

I had to upload the animation export to You Tube because of the size…


A quick play with some plywood textures after seeing a thread on the subject, I also saw something by “Whiterabbitdesigncompany” about adding bevel/rounds to the edges to make the light catch the edges better which makes sense, something to try out. Only one light used for this one, very little setting up. I have seen some interesting lighting setups lately, I might take a l look at those to try and advance things a little…




The floating dot above the “i” is very suspicious.


While I’m at it, I’ve tried another with a curved backdrop, white background and ditched the dot of the “i”. I actually got rid of a few lights for this one which uses 6 small point-lights.

The simple setup…


Pallets, paint, Round Corner and contrast…