I would love the dialog windows to auto-hide


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Hi Alexandra,

Try setting up a keyboard shortcut for Window > Hide Dialogs
See this Help article.
Assigning Keyboard Shortcuts (Microsoft Windows) — SketchUp Help


@al_ex Under what situation would the dialogs “auto-hide” ?


hi, when I stop using them? (I feel a bit silly saying this)…I am used to the properties window in AutoCAD “opening” when I click on an object / hatch / etc and need to input something in the window but when done with it and nothing is clicked, it auto hides.
gora san fermin everybody…but leave the bulls alone :fireworks:


OK, yes I understand now. I like that also, and remember this in AutoCAD. I thought all you had to do was touch the right border and the Properties pane would slide into view. (But I haven’t used AutoCAD for say 5 years or more.)


hi! I hadn’t used su in a while and last night I updated to 2016 version and voila! the tray auto-hides!! :heart_eyes: my thanks to whoever did it if you know them, take care, alex