I want to add text onto a cube, with the same text on every surface on that cube

I want to add text on a cube, and same text on every surface on that cube.
How can I do?

Same text on all sides…
A cube had six equal faces…

I would build a cube out of six nested rectangular face components in a cube component
And edit one component by adding text to it. Each face gets the same text. Each face can be rotated about its perpendicular center line to change text orientation.


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Thank you so much~

But is that I have to make a new component every time?
Let say I have 100 cubes have to numbering, and put the no. on every face, Any suggestion to do it faster?

I have no more idea for the web version…

But, you can download and install the “SketchUp Make 2017” from here: Download All | SketchUp

Then you can use an Extension (plugin) for example: Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

Some help how to deal with the extensions:

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