I want to add "Previous View" button to a tool bar (not a newbie, but not a guru either)

I right click on the tool bar, it brings up the toolbar box that allows me to hide/view toolbars by category (camera, View, Everything, etc.), but I am unable to discern where I can find the “Previous View” button, so that I can make a change (internal to the structure), and then go back out without zooming out (repeated movement of the cursor up the screen, like trying to build a fire :slight_smile:

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated! (I LOVE THIS THING!!)

You can turn on the Camera toolbar to get the Previous View button. You could also make a custom toolbar and add the button to it by dragging it from the Camera toolbar.

Before you go any further with SketchUp, get a simple 3-button mouse and learn to use the scroll wheel for zooming, the center mouse button for Orbit, and the center mouse button with Shift for Pan. If you are getting Zoom from the toolbar and dragging the cursor up and down the screen to zoom, you’re working too hard.

I am not seeing the Previous View Button even in the Camera Toolbar. What I see when I turn on the Camera Toolbar is:
Orbit, Pan, Zoom, Zoom Window, Zoom Extents, Look Around, Walk. Thanks for the really quick response BTW!

No “Previous” button? If it’s not there, highlight the toolbar in the list and click on Reset.

I love you Man! (it worked). I’m on a laptop and don’t have room for a mouse. THANKS a BILLION!!

I’d still seriously suggest getting a bluetooth or other wireless scroll mouse to use with your laptop. Unless you are actually using it on your lap, there’s always somewhere to put it. And you will find life MUCH easier in SU with a wheel mouse for orbit, pan and zoom.

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My daughter keeps telling me the same thing, but I am actually sitting with my laptop on my lap. I really do appreciate all of the suggestions, but I’ll just keep plodding away with the touchpad. I used to travel a lot, and bought a mini-mouse (wireless), and that was great, but even with that available, I don’t have a place to put it. Thanks again - I am actually truly amazed by the support provided by the Sketchers. I asked a question and within minutes, I had a response from DaveR. Just another reason I LOVE THIS THING!! Y’all ROCK!