I want my hour back!


Daylight Savings time started here in the US (and perhaps elsewhere) about 4 hours ago. I’m so discombobulated. Wow! I actually managed to spell discombobulated without the spell checker kicking in! Perhaps it’s not as bad as I thought. Nah.


I happen to live in one of the rational parts of the world where you never have to change your clock. If you measure the number of hours of sunlight you had yesterday and compare it to the number of hours of sunlight you get today, you aren’t going to see some magic “extra” hour of sunlight. However, the daylight industries have so much lobbying clout, that I doubt logic will ever prevail. Meanwhile, I have to cope with my teleconference starting an hour sooner tomorrow morning ;(


Here it is still two weeks to DST. There is a movement to have the EU directive about it abolished, but I am afraid it won’t happen soon. It is proven to kill people as there is a surge in heart attacks in the days after it starts.


Daylight saving time is stupid. If anything we should have nightdarkness saving time in summer, with the sun going down an hour earlier to make it easier to relax and go to sleep. But standard time all year makes the most sense.


DST is kids stuff.

It’s the occasional leap year that rattles my cage.

… but if we’re only talking about slight disorientations, then I stand in humble awe of the ‘leap second’.


You still have some time, though!


But this isn’t DLS’s fault, it’s the arctic circle’s fault :grin:. I don’t care if the sun rises later, but I prefer summer time when I can sit outside in the evening and drink a beer! :beers:


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