Daylight savings

I notice that my latest sketchup install now seems to use daylight savings automatically for my location ? (Norway)

Thats cool, of course. It´s important to know about it, so that one take away the error of correcting for it manually.

Perhaps its in the release notes, I didn’t check…

Can you describe a test that shows a difference? If you look at this file, the shadow is in the same place with 2021 and 2020.

ttest.skp (2.7 MB)

My ( from childhood … ) understanding is that on a fixed time the sun would come from the same place regardless of what time of year it is, only that it would be higher in the sky at summer. ( The whole scout thing about the sun being in the south at 12am.) I know the scout thing isn’t correct for every position within a specific timezone, but I thought it would not change over the year for a fixed location.

ok, I realise now from measuring the angle difference that its not a 15 degree angle, as it would be for an hour of difference, and that the shadow shader does gradually change direction if I drag the date slider, so maybe I learned something here while simultaneously wasting other peoples time.

It interesting to find out that solar noon and clock noon only match each other four times each year. As far as SketchUp goes, the behavior doesn’t seem to have changed.

maybe it would if you hired some flat-earthers, just to be inclusive and all.

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It isn’t actually true for any location! Analemma - Wikipedia