I'm about to want my hour back! An Invitation to Rant - or to defend passionately!

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Woke up this morning contemplating the “theft” of an hour from my life as most of the US - including the part I live in - “Springs Forward” to Daylight Savings Time again. I thought to rant about it here in the Corner Bar - and found I’d done so before in the topic linked above! It’s now a locked topic, so this is a new one

As it became light outside, I found myself getting angry that things will be different tomorrow. We “lose” the hour between 2 AM and 3 AM - and shift to later sunrises and sunsets. For many people in the US - as well as any other places that “Spring Forward” on the 2nd Sunday in March - the next few days will be filled with confusion - because the time you FEEL will not be the clock time! I avoid leaving my home for those few days, as traffic accidents skyrocket because sleepy people are going in to work an hour before their body is prepared to go to work.

Personally, I know that I live far enough from the Equator that this “extra” hour of overnight darkness is quite noticeable (and irksome) - and not far enough away from the equator that daylight/darkness varies so widely through the year that you get used to almost ignoring daylight/darkness in setting your own daily rhythm.

I see no modern purpose in changing the clocks seasonally. Agriculture follows the circadian rhythms of the animals - especially where care of livestock, who follow the sun, not the clock, are concerned. Changing the clocks has no effect on the lives of those who care for them - other than (perhaps) that they need to worry about getting their children to school - and perhaps spouses to work - an hour earlier - making their morning routine more onerous to care for the animals on their “clock” while caring for their family on a different - and now possibly overlapping clock. I’ve yet to meet a farmer or rancher who prefers to change the clocks as we do - they live by the sun.

And as our non-agricultural work becomes more and more high tech and global, the daylight/darkness state where you happen to be matters little in how you plan your day. So why mess with the clocks?

Standard Time FOREVER!!!

Feel free to add your own rant - or if you have one, a vigorous defence of changing the clocks!

While agreeing that the change back and forth is bad in many ways, I would argue that one’s preference for standard vs daylight savings time depends a lot on where in the time zone one lives. People on the eastern edge benefit from dst, particularly in the summer, whereas people on the western edge prefer standard. The farther north you go ( in the northern hemisphere) the less it matters because in winter both ends of the working day are in darkness and in summer both ends are in light, regardless of dst vs standard. There is no one-size-fits-all solution!


I see “stop changing the clocks” as a “one size fits all” solution - and leave things with each time zone centered around solar noon.

While I hadn’t considered there might be different opinions as to where to “pin the clock” (between solar noon aka “Standard” time and an hour ahead aka “Daylight” time) within a time zone, I can see that there will be some latitudes where there could be a (somewhat) reasonable difference of preference, I nonetheless come down firmly on simply staying on “Standard” time year 'round.

Way back in the '90s, I found myself in Northern Montana of the 4th of July. Due to “Daylight” time, they didn’t start their fireworks until sometime around 11 PM. That experience is the earliest I can remember thinking: Why do we still change the clocks? And coming up with no reasonable answer.

I am in agreement! Leave it one way or the other, BUT “Standard” time makes the most sense as it’s what our circadian rhythms are closest in tune too.

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Let’s compromise, set the clock ahead one half hour and call it a day.

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In the EU people have been lobbying for years for the idiocy to be stopped but the mills grind slowly. The EU parliament voted already in 2019 for the abandonment of DST. It has been established that DST kills people - cardiac disorders peak around the spring and autumn transition dates.

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It could be worse. When I turned 39 I thought I was turning 40. It wasn’t until I was turning 41 that I realized I was actually going to be 40. That’s an entire year of my life that I’ll never get back. ;^)

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Compromises aren’t on the table much these days. A tactic that would benefit us all.

The problem with the EU is that their time-zones don’t make any sense !
Let’s assume GMT [London] as the basis…
UK, Ireland and Portugal [and some bits of western Africa?] use this time [whether or not the clocks get adjusted in autumn/spring is academic].
France chose to be 1hr ahead because Napoleon didn’t want to agree with the UK.
Belgium and the Netherlands followed suit…
Germany and Italy could argue to be 1hr ahead, but Franco in Spain though to mimic Germany etc…
So there is no logic to the tome-zones to start off with - let alone changing the clocks twice a year !
There are arguments both ways, I’m in favour of one time throughout the year, but if you live in the North of the UK being in the dark till mid-morning in the winter is not pleasant - although changing school and work hours in the winter would be easier…
Remember that if you live in the northern most city in the world - Tromsø in Norway - it’s dark all day in the winter and it’s light all night in the summer, so an hour here or there would be pretty useless…

Yeah… we got a guy like that, too.

Looking at YOU, Arizona…


Fortunately in my country we don’t have that issue, all the days last the same all year long, when I lived in Germany I was told that the time change was due to energetic savings, I also spent 3 months in Russia, St. Petersburg, interestingly though the Iight hours affect them more, they don’t take an hour in spring or add one in fall.