I purchased Sketchup Shop but it keeps sending me to Sketchup Free



I have looked under subscriptions and it shows SketchUp Shop and it has me listed as the user, but it continues to just go to the free version. I don’t know what else to do.


Resolved. It kept logging me in under and old login. I’m logged in under the correct one now.


I’m having the same issues and I’ve been going back and forth with Sketchup for about 2 weeks now. You solved this by logging in with a new login?


Actually, it sounds like Chris’s issue is that he was logging in under a different account/email address than the one he used to purchase SketchUp Shop.

Is it possible you purchased with an account different than the one you are logged into? If you go to the hamburger menu in the top left, you can see which account you are logged into currently. If you are still having issues with this, please contact our support team for some help!