I need some guidance in recreating a parametric stepped design (Image attached)

Hello. I’d like to believe that I’m relatively fast with SketchUp, but I haven’t worked on parametric designs a lot, but I know how to make a basic parametric surface.
Would anyone help me out as how to make something like the the attached image?
i.e, Stepped parametric design

you could get the end result by using soap/skin/bubble to generate the tin, then set up the diamond shapes on a flat plane above, then use drop.rb to get that appearance, it wouldn’t be parametric in any case, but if you just want that look, it would be a quick way to get there…

I had a go to see if I wasn’t talking out of my A^,

it’s not great, but only took 5 mins

I found that using a point made into a component and spaced on a grid to cover the soap skin worked best when it came to dropping them onto it… as the geometry gets stuck against each other else, then after the drop, I edited the point component into the square or diamond…

(works for trees well too when you want to drop them onto a terrain)


Wow. This is exactly that I needed!
Thanks a lot for the quick response. I’ll try it out ASAP and see how it goes.

I did it!
Thanks a lot. You’ve been a tremendous help! :slight_smile:

excellent stuff, glad to have been helpful :o)

Another attempt with the voxelize plugin…

Another one with the Skatter ($) plugin:
(grid distribution)