I need help to make a realistic animation with plastic texture and illuminations lamps


I’m beginer in 3D drawings. I just finished my first 3D drawing but I can not to do it a realistic animation yet.
Look at these video links.
Here it’s a license plate holder with 2 lights.

So, firstly

The license plate HOLDER should be plastic black and glossy, not white.

One animation should be just with mount the license plate in holder and to finish the cover to close the components.
Like here https://youtu.be/u-VfKJVaHnY. At the 0:06 to start move the license plate in holder, after - move the cover and close all, and to finish to move the animation like as 0:09, when you could play with red light: open / close red light. This red light should be strong light.

Second short animation should be like this model https://youtu.be/BgBx7F2lDAg
At 0;04, at 0:06, at 0:09, at 0:18, at 0:21 in the pause, should play white light on LED strip (open for a second and close) and at 0:27 when finish the animation, should open and close two times the red lamp. This red light should be strong light.

Third short animation should be like this model https://youtu.be/91PfA4JkCWc
The license plate and holder should be on the truck, before to start the animation. In my animation I mistaked, the holder apear after you do zoom on truck.

So, after you make zoom on back truck play with lights
0:12 no lights
0:14 just night lights (2 LOW red lights and white light to license plate, NO WHITE LIGHT FOR BACKWARD DRIVING, NO YELLOW for signaling)
0:15 night lights + brake lights (2 red lights of the truck and red light from license plate holder). This should be very STRONG red lights.

These 3 animations, I will use in a crowdfunding campaign, so, it should be to convince the backers of campaign. Look at this video sample, https://youtu.be/a9NgyJvCFxs you could understand better what it is.

These animation should be double, a time with european license plate size and second time with US license plate size. In total will be 6 short animation.

I can send you my 3D drawing.

Thanks a lot,


I think to get a realistic rendered animation with a sketchup plugin may be tricky? One of the difficulties I have come across in the past is animating lighting values, but I think that may of improved. However, it may still be beneficial to run those animations through After Effects for some post processing to enhance the red light glow particularly as this is the key part of the rig. Red has a habit of burning out and doesn’t easily glow (even with an atmosphere - which also hampers render times). So it might be easier to add that effect after?

the images are renders from sketchup but the red glow has been enhanced in photoshop

I like your concept, but wonder why not just have that red light unit separate that could be applied to any plate holder?


@ whiterabbitdesigncompany
Thanks a lot for you answer.