I need help placing support for this object

Hi all,

I drew a micro overflow so I can use it on my aquarium but I’m having a hard time using support because there is a tube that has to be hollow. This is how it looks like:

Also the model can not allow water to pass through the walls. I believe that setting the slicer to 100% infill will solve that right?

I’m attaching the sketchup model and I’m glad if anyone can help.


MicroOverflowRoundEdges.skp (1.5 MB)

100% infil will help eliminate (or reduce) leaks, for sure, but no garauntees with FDM printing. As for printing without filling the tube with support, I would consider cutting the whole thing in half and gluing it together after it is printed (granted, then you have a new poetntial leak to elimiante, but it will be easier to get that seam filled than it will be to clean suport matieral out of an enclosed tube).

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