How to print this with minimum or no support as a single piece




Attached herewith is the model of the sphere I wanna know how to print it with minimum or no support.
if a minor change in model is require please update the skp file here …

Thanks !newcircle.skp (490.2 KB)


The shell looks thick, have you submitted to say shapeways to see if their free checker oks as is or are you printing your self?
Autodesk bought Netfabb but they still have free version of it so you can check yourself. If it needs supports the correction may be painful since it looks like getting inside to remove supports could be an issue.


If you have it printed in laser-sintered nylon or powdered gypsum, no supports are needed. Your model is good to go “as is”. However, if you use PLA or similar, support lattices will likely be needed under the outsides as well as inside the part. If you split it into two parts along the equator, the supports will only be inside and easily removed from the half-shells. Obviously, the two halves would then have to be glued together.

Shapeways quotes $91.27 in nylon (add $1 for polishing) and $47.87 in gypsum (sandstone). Both have an additional $4.99 shipping charge in the US (higher for other countries).

PLA prices are $31.43, but may require supports due to the geometry.

Note the facets … if you need it to be smoother, you should recreate it using more segments in the generating arcs. I normally use a minimum of 96 segments for something like this.

BTW, this is a very nice, clean model overall :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info :slight_smile: againtrytri.skp (3.0 MB)
! I need help with this new one I want to draw a circle at the center, which i have drawn at the center of tri boomerang but i want to lift it to the top however i am unable to do so the model doesn’t remain solid because of the curves around it. please correct it !
Thanks in advance !


i don’t want these gaps i just want complete circle !!! also the model is not solid i took the model from sketchup warehouse againtrytri2.skp (3.0 MB)


Uff da. That is a rough model you found. It’s got tons of stray and redundant lines and surfaces and is not grouped in any way, just one big sticky mess. You are going to have trouble working with that as is, I would start over if you want to print. I don’t use skup for printing but @jimhami42 will probably agree that this file will make you cry trying to fix it.


I agree !

I just need to add a big circle at the center of tri boomerang! Please help
guys !


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