I need help making this into a solid

I am trying to 3D print this for a class and I don’t know how to fix it. I had a friend look at it and he said that it’s completely hollow. This is my final project and I don’t really want to redo it. The stl is below.

skate park final project.stl (69.7 KB)

Share the .skp file instead.

skate park final project.skp (304.8 KB)

Dave is on the case. I’ve tried to fix it, but Dave with probably get there first so I’ll wait.

Mainly it’s the lack of use of components, plus lots of reversed faces, and geometry that doesn’t quite close.

Ok, I’m really new to this which I guess is quite evident. If everything is done right, is there anything that can’t print?

If drawn accurately, and using components properly, nothing I can immediately see that would make it unprintable (in principle).

Your model has quite a few problems that would prevent it from being printable.

A lot of the geometry in the model is loose. It should all be inside the group. There are also a number of reversed faces that need to be corrected. You should have no blue back faces exposed.

You can select all of the loose geometry and cut it to the clipboard. Then open the group for editing, right click and choose Paste in place. Then you need to select all of the geometry, right click and choose Intersect Faces>With Model. After that, hide the bottom face and get rid of the internal faces and edges. Some are shown selected below.

This spot is likely to be a problem. Either there needs to be a gap or you need to pull the wall back over the end of the rail.

There’s also internal faces in places like the end of that rail, shown selected, below.
Screenshot - 11_13_2020 , 1_13_54 PM

another bad spot is in the 3D text. The font you chose connects the leg of the K with the foot of the A at a single edge. Either separate them or make them overlap. I just drew a straight line segment down at the bottom of the K and use Push/Pull to push away to create a gap.

Since this is a school project I can’t do the work for you but this should help you get it sorted so you can print it.

Once you get it sorted, you should get a pretty nice print. i.materialise seems to like it, anyway.

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I tried your suggested edits and I think I’ve made progress. I also tried putting it in i.materialize and I think it works. Is there anything you can see that might not work?

skate park final project (3).skp (359.4 KB)

It doesn’t show as solid in SketchUp so you might have problems. The areas shown in red are where you need to look.

Ok so I fixed the border holes, should I worry about internal faces (there’s 10)? There’s also 777 short edges but I think that’s just the scale of the model, I plan to blow it up in Prusa before I print it.

Yes. You should remove all internal faces. As long as you have a solid, I wouldn’t worry about the short edges.

In the future, if your slicer software allows you to enter the import units, you might find it easier to model with Units set to Meters. Enter inches or millimeters as if they are meters. This will help you avoid potential problems due to tiny faces.

ok got it! i appreciate all of the help!

skate park final project (5).skp (359.1 KB)

Good deal.