I Need A Way To Fit Doors In Each Opening and Wall Without Them Jammed Together


can someone help me find a way to fit 2 bedroom doors and one bathroom door because their openings are very close to each other?

Damon’s House 01.skp (3.9 MB)

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Are you having problems with sketchup or with the design?

I’m having problems with the design. The openings on the sides are my bedrooms and the middle one is my bathroom. The problem is when I Push/Pull both sides of my bathroom opening, the door frames for my bedrooms stick out. My bedroom door openings are 2’-7 1/16" and the bathroom opening is 3’-10 7/8". Is there any way I can prevent the door frames from sticking out from my bedroom openings while I extrude both sides of my bathroom opening inward?

The model is based on something that already exist or you’re designing your home? From the image you shared I can’t understand what’s going on, can you share the file?

I’m designing my own home.

Here is the file:


Damon’s House 01.skp (3.9 MB)

Also, can you save it as another file if you’re going to edit my model?

If I understand the question, it may be as simple as this.?

Jamb pp

Yes, I want to create extrude my wall for the bathroom opening, but I also want to create standard doors for my bedrooms.

Just set some guidelines to measure the push pull operations.

Also note that there is only room for a 2-0 door or perhaps 2-2 if you can find one.
Not really a standard bedroom door size.

Take a look at where you live now and get an idea what the typical jamb extensions are. I typically make mine 4" so I guy can tape the corner properly. sizes might very. Don’t try to find doors in 1/16" or eve 1/8" increments, as those will need to be custom doors. Go wander around a hardware store and look at teh typical door sizes. Familiarize yourself with standard building materials it will make the process much easier and cheaper.

Ok. Here’s what my rooms look like:

At that size, good luck getting furniture in the room!

You have to redesign that part of you want to have standard doors, on that space it’s not going to be possible to fit them. Did you make the design or hired someone to make a draft?

Bi fold doors would solve your width issues

Redo the bedroom door at a 30 or 45 degree angle to the bathroom door wall.
Narrow doors to a bedroom or bath are a terrible idea.

If space is tight use a finished opening for the doors rather than a cased opening.

Is this a real or hypothetical question? I downloaded your file. Essentially seven foot square bedrooms? Not counting closet space.

I’m actually an architecture student from Long Beach City College.

Thank you Shep! That’s a great idea.

Bath doors should be min. 28", Bedrooms should be min 30". You need at least 4" on each side for trim. So a 28" door requires a space of 36" width, and so forth.
However, in this world of accessibility, you should make all doors a min. of 34" wide for wheel chair access or even someone using a walker. 36" wide is preferred.
BTW, doors are made in 2" increments from 12" up to 48". Using odd sizes puts you in custom door sizes = big bucks.

Door Studies.skp (2.4 MB)
A bunch of doors ready to insert in your models. Use Tags to show doors open or closed as needed in scenes. It may take a bit of digging to understand how this is set up, but once you do it can be pretty useful.