I modified a file to print on my 3d printer, but it prints different than the file

I modifies the attached file in SU 2017. It looks fine to me. When I import it into my printer software and preview it before I send it to my printer, it looks like it has added a cover on top of the piece as well as other junk within the drawing. None of this shows on the Sketchup drawing. I don’t know what to do to clear this up. Can you help me please. If you can fix it, great but please let me know what you did so I can learn form it.

Thank you

Dust Hood.skp (391.4 KB)

The one that shows the excess geometry is not a solid in SketchUp. Perhaps that has something to do with it. I fixed it using Solid Inspector2. I also cleaned up a bunch of unneeded edges
Dust Hood.skp (187.6 KB)

Thank you Dave. I used Solid inspector. It said everything was shiny!

SketchUp didn’t call them both solid, though. After cleaning up the unneeded triangulation Solid Inspector 2 shows an internal face. After fixing that, SketchUp called it Solid.

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