I miss rotated rectangle tool

We can draw pies already, we should be able to draw rotated rectangles too.

But please just make rotated rectangle’s inference better than in the desktop. It’s the tool that has the worst inference system of them all, (as well as the worst redo last action mechanism of all SketchUp tools.)

I haven’t used Rotated Rectangle very much myself, but instead draw an orthogonal rectangle inside of a rotated group in my workflow, so I’m not familiar with these issues you describe. If you elaborate on them I can forward this to the SKORE team.

I’ve made countless reports on these issues in the past. I know you’ve got them logged in that system of yours. In the other forum…

That post might be outdated. Issues that we have with the rotated rectangle tool nowadays are:

  • directional inferences (XYZ axis or magenta direction) are difficult to stick when drawing the second edge
  • after drawing the first edge it’s easy to redo it by hitting ESC however, after drawing the second edge we should be able to rebuild it by typing a new distance but if we do that we rebuild the first edge instead. This makes little sense and is inconsiste t with any other SketchUp tool.

I do use the rotated rectangle from time to time, but not enough to be an expert. I always struggle with how to use it if it’s been a while.

Last time I needed it, I would start an object with the rotated rectangle tool, then soon group it and set the group’s axes to the rectangle. I suppose there are other workflows, but I liked that way.

Bumping this up. It’s the best tool to draw rectangles that are off axis and I need it all the time.

I’m starting to sketch out a masterplan with multiple buildings following the contours of the terrain and there is a different angle to each. It’ll be cumbersome.