I love sketchup! Why no Linux? 24 Million Linux users might want to know

Sketchup has been my favorite tool to use throughout the years. I believe SketchUp can pose a great addition to the Linux market. There are many of us Linux users. Even though we are 1% we are still very big.
For example: 1% of 2,405,518,376 computer users is 24,055,183 Linux users.


What Linux software do You use now that you have paid for? What would be the commercial logic for Trimble to develop a Linux version?

I don’t know the actual figures, but, again, if 1% of users of a computer platform are interested in 3D modelling, and, if 1% of those are professionals ready to pay for Pro features, that would mean that Trimble would have to develop a totally new application for about 2400 paying customers.

I am just guessing and perhaps remembering it all wrong, but the largest CAD application, AutoCad, is probably at the moment (in one of its incarnations) installed in only about 1/1000 of the total number of computers you cite.


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It looks like you may have mistaken my example.
“2,405,518,376 computer users” refers to all computers connected to the internet. Including Mac/Windows/Linux/etc. users.

2405518376 * 0.01 = 24055183 (however this number is no longer correct as the market share of Linux is more than 1% now.

I’ve written this before and I’ll write it again:

The number of users of Linux is irrelevant. What matters is the number of these users who would be ready and willing to pay for a SketchUp Pro license. Until someone can make a convincing case that there are enough such, Trimble (a for-profit company) has no motive to develop a Linux port.

One must bear in mind that the Linux community is primarily based on free and open-source software. SketchUp has never been open-source, and the main reason there is a free version (Make) is that Google thought they could get Google Earth populated with 3D buildings by giving away a simple version of SketchUp. They abandoned that idea in favor of other methods, and no longer even accept SketchUp models for inclusion in GE. Shortly later they sold SketchUp to Trimble. But unlike Google, Trimble does not have an ulterior motive of selling ads or tracking users by which to recoup costs. They need to see a real market.


How many of those 24055183 devices are personal computers? I understand that Linux is mostly used as an Internet server…


I think that is a number of Computer which WERE windows computers and between me and a friend we have made a ton of them Linux COMPUTERS . . . Just delete the Windows stuff ( format the drive ) and install Linux ( UBUNTU ) on their brand new Computer with AV ( ClamAV ) Fire wall ( GUFW ) and add Synpatic Package Manager then add the Classic Menu Indicator . The rest is in Ubuntu Software Center for them to wander through and pick out stuff to load ie ( Install ) and run Oh yeah got t add Wine run all the windows stuff in or most of it . .
So that 1 % is so far off from being close to right . . I don’t know why but not a lot of the Linux people do not have a 3D printers ! ! . . I am the fore runner of the group I guess . .
Oh yeah Linux is the Hackers Domain . . to busy hacking some place I am guessing LMAO . . I can do stuff in Linux you windows people just wish you could do . .

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The number of times I have had to make a driver or use “sudo” is so small I only dimly remember them Ubuntu has 99.9 % of the stuff already to go . . And Installs stuff when setup is done . . The Only outside driver was for HPLIP a thing used by HP combo printers to figure out which part of the printer is to be used . . Like the scanner or copier and so on this took about 60 seconds and it was done . . I got OLD HP laser printer from way back in time . . But change out the cartdrige and it keeps on ticking ! LOL

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I think the last time I had to do that was 8 years ago… back when Windows crashed if you had more than one program running at a time.

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I pay for and use Sketchup 2016 Pro under VirtualBox, and have done so for years. I pay for and use Vectric Aspire. I pay for and use Cutlist Plus. I pay for and use Corel, and ShopBot and GWizard (CAM software) and Mach.

All of those run under VirtualBox, which means I don’t have to support another platform, especially not one running Windows! Windows is the target of 99% of the hackers on the planet, with all your data subject to ransomware if you click on the wrong link.

Oh yeah, even Windows under VirtualBox is subject to attack, so I have to pay for a couple of anti-virus programs and pay for it in terms of performance, because those programs take up a lot of CPU cycles looking for the ■■■■ those hackers want to hide on your computer.

Even if you don’t support Linux natively, please support it under VirtualBox.

A PAYING Linux customer (PhD, Computer Science) who is as loyal to the software vendors as they are to me.

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Did you expect respectful, politically correct and objective comments in a forum for Windows/OS X software?
Prejudices are just too compelling. For me not worth to join anymore such discussions.

A technical note: In contrast to the softwares you mentioned that work in VirtualBox, SketchUp requires 3D. SketchUp 2017 removed the software rendering option, relying on hardware-acceleration. GPU pass-through is however still a bit unstable in VirtualBox (even if GPU drivers are rock solid on the host system). Currently options are either Wine (hardware-accelerated) or SketchUp <=2016 with software rendering in VirtualBox (but if you admit that, some users of this forum will claim your work cannot be seriously professional).

Still it would be cool if there was a universal OS-independent app runtime (and thus independent from market share). Something like screws that fit in both Ikea and carpenter ware.

I have 2 versions of Sketchup Make 2016 running the 32 bit for old stuff and 64 bit for the newer stuff Both under Virtual Box … . 1 version is under windows 7-1 and the 64 bit is under 8-1 my latest item a Sign to be installed inside of a Cedar Chest