I just moved from SU2020 Pro to SU 20223 Pro...Where is the Measurement Window?

I’m a very long time user of SU but I just moved from SU2020 Pro to SU 2023 Pro:

1.Where is the Measurement Window? How do I model to scale? My units are set…

  1. When cloning/copying I used to hit ‘Move’ while holding the ‘Ctrl’ key but in SU 2023 it looks like you have to hit the "Ctrl’ key 2 times for it to clone/copy. Is there a setting for the single click command to clone/copy?

The measurements window is where it’s been for years on the bottom right corner of the screen.

You don’t need to hold the modifier keys anymore, for making a copy with the move tool just hit once either before clicking or while you’re moving an object, if you want to copy an object several times you mis hit Ctrl twice before clicking on the object you want to clone.

That depends on the template you choose, but you can also change the units on the model info menu, you can access to it from the window menu or from the bottom right corner, there are two icons there, the left one is for geolocation and the one next to it opens the model info window.

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You should read the release notes. Several versions back Move/Copy was changed so you only tap the Ctrl key to activate Copy. If you tap it twice it switches to Stamp model which then places copies of the object wherever you click.

Switch to persistent modifier (tap and release)

You should read through the release notes for all the versions you’ve missed as well as the current one to see what else has changed.

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For the measurements box part of the problem, it is possible for a Windows application to apparently be maximized, but parts of the window are off screen. Try going out of and into maximized, see if that makes it appear.


right now we’re all spitting in the dark, could you provide a full-screen screenshot please? it’s hard to say what’s going on without looking at it :slight_smile: