I have SketchUp Pro 2015 and it has just started crashing

Do you have a license for SketchUp Pro 2015? If so, you should check on the SketchUp site regarding upgrading your license. It wouldn’t cost anywhere close to the 588 you see for a new license.

And if you are using it for personal use you could just use SketchUp Make.

Many thanks Dave I will check it out it is via a third party reseller

I experienced your problem when I tried to run 2015 Pro on my Mac after installing Sierra. Graded-up to 2017 Pro, about $200, and have had few problems since.

The simplest way for you is to down-date your OS to whichever Mac OS is suggested for 2015. It will be a free ( or $25) replacement on the App store, and you’ll be able to draw again using SketchUp instead of retreating to Punch.

But,… if his use is non-commercial, he could just switch to a Make edition of a version which supports Sierra installs (ie, 2016 or higher)

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I have decided to go for sketchup 2017 for £229 punch was ■■■■ by comparison.
Many thanks to you all

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