I have Mac OS 10.10.5 and using SketchUp Web

My canvas/backfround looks to be foggy and not as brightly colored/lit as in the tutorials I’m seeing. Is it the OS version that is doing this? Is this what they do to get you to upgrade?

Vena Cava Interiors

Show a screen shot of what you are seeing.

Considering you are using this for your business you’ll need either SketchUp Shop or SketchUp Pro, not SketchUp Free. The current version of SketchUp Pro supports Mac OS 10.14 and newer so you’d have to upgrade your operating system.

OK, will do…hang on

I’m willing to purchase SketUp Shop…but I’m using an iMac w OS Yosemite (10.10.5) so will I be able to have all the features?

The most likely problem you would have would be related to old graphics drivers not being up to the task. That’s not any different between SketchUp Free and SketchUp Shop. There’s more features in SketchUp Shop and you’ll have a license that allows you to use SketchUp for your work.

Sorry…I’m not used to using a forum…do you see my screenshot?

So even with SketchUp Shop, you think Yosemite may not work?..I’m confused

Do you notice how faint/foggy my canvas is?

Yes. Your screen shot displays correctly.

It is very faded. What you show is a graphics issue. Very likely the WebGL version isn’t new enough.

Yes. Both SketchUp Free and SketchUp Shop have the same graphics requirements.

OK, bummer…

Might be time to update your hardware.

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I know…I’ve been considering it since I actually wanted to start using Chief Architect for my business and I know it’s time…money is always an issue.

Infernal money! Cost of doing business, though.

Thank you…you’ve been kind. Where are you?

Apples new entry level M1 Macs are very affordable and powerful enough for good sketchup work, I hear.

My local Apple store is closed…guess I have to order online

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What’s your current machine? Is 4GB your RAM?

There’s quite a thriving community of folks extending the life of their older Macs with unsupported OS versions, just look up the relevant threads on a site like macrumors.

I’m having no trouble with SketchUp on my 2012 MBP. It never stresses my RAM and is pretty easy on my super lame Intel Graphics, all things considered. Still can run very CPU-heavy extension operations like clothworks at about a quarter of the speed of what modern builds seem to manage on youtube how-tos, and one only needs such operations here and there anyway.

And I have USB-A, unlike an M1 Air or MBP, it’s a life-saver…

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I have an iMac w 4 GB RAM, 3.2GHz Intel prcessor using Yosemite from mid 2010!!

Thank you…I will go on macrumors to see if there’s anything.

You ought to be able to upgrade to High Sierra without any patching, then? SketchUp Desktop on High Sierra will throw you a OS not supported message, but seems to work fine in my limited testing. If upgrading to High Sierra solves your “foggyness” issue, you can consider upgrading your RAM to 16GB, but SSD replacement is pretty hairy on those machines, and you don’t have USB-3 to make booting to external an easy alternative. So the math on investing in your current machine, vs upgrading to a new machine, is not super clear-cut.

So I ended up downloading SketcUP Make 2017 and it took care of the foggyness and my iMac works perfectly with it. Thank you all!