I have lost a sketchup drawing that I had saved, can I get this drawing back?


I have lost a drawing that I had saved several times in Sketchup. In addition, I have lost every version of the drawing that had saved. I do have the final saved in Layout.
I have never lost a drawing before… can I get it back in Sketchup? or is there any way to send from Layout to Sketchup?

If you’re using Windows, and you don’t use a solid state hard drive, I can recommend that you use the free utility, Recuva, from Pirisoft, Inc. It will scan your hard drive and find any files that it thinks it can get back for you; it’s saved my bacon more than once.

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I have SSD and do not need special software. Just do a global wild card search *. skp or *.skb where skp is the skp file and skb is the back up. Normally you should set the save location other than your SSD and use SSD only for windows installation if that is what you have. Reason is most SSD’s are small size and filling it up with " junk" is not good plan.

Yes. Two possibilities:
right click on the model in Layout and choose to open it in SketchUp

2. Rename (a copy of) the Layout file to zip fileformat and search for your SketchUp model inside it