I have an unselectable section pane that I can't get rid of!

So I put a few section panes in a drawing for the first time and I thought I deleted them all but for some reason there’s still some section panes in my drawing, at least that’s what it looks like because I can’t see the outline or select it. I’ve tried all the section related buttons on view and even on styles but nothing seems to work. I really hope someone can help me! Thanks in advance!

That’s called Clipping, looks like you have the camera set to Parallel Projection, if so change it to Perspective.

Thank you SO MUCH! I feel really stupid now ahah…

Hello, it’s a clipping problem. Often Happens when being in parallel projection, especially if you have a group or component that has its axes is far from origin, or if your model itself is far from origin

Check https://help.sketchup.com/en/sketchup/clipping-and-missing-faces

Also looks like you may be using layers incorrectly, read up on them here.
Controlling Visibility with Layers | SketchUp Knowledge Base

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