I have an 80 MB file that is not showing my model

I have a 80 mb file, that is not showing up. It has been very slow since a dell driver update last Tuesday

  1. How can I see all my work, revert is blacked out and not available

Share the .skp file so we can see what you’re working with and give you some ideas. Otherwise it’s all guessing which isn’t worth anyone’s time. It’ll be too large to upload directly so upload it to DropBox and share the link.

Is your profile correct regarding SketchUp version and graphics card?

it will only allow a 16MB file upload

I know that. It’s why I wrote:

I’ll see what I can do with it. What about the answers to my question about your forum profile?

not sure how to check that
sketch up pro
NVIDIA Quadro P620

Somehow you managed to get the camera positioned a long way from the model. I fixed that. I also fixed the incorrect tag usage …
Screenshot - 5_13_2023 , 9_32_35 AM
… purged unused a lot of unused stuff …
Screenshot - 5_13_2023 , 9_33_56 AM
… and resized half a dozen excessively large textures.

This reduced the file size by about 71%. It’s still a little large for uploading directly but I’ll share a link as soon as I have it uploaded to DropBox.

Considering the low-performing graphics card your profile shows, I’ve set the face style to Monochrome and turned off Profiles in the style to reduce the load on the GPU so you have a little better performance. It would be a good idea to keep your model cleaned up and tight so you can continue working in it.

Your profile indicates an integrated Intel UHD. Please edit that.

The Quadro cards are better than the integrated GPUs but not a lot of bang for the buck. Go to the Nvidia site to get the latest drivers and install them. Make sure SketchUp is actually using that instead of the Intel GPU.

Here’s the link to the reduced version of your file.

BTW, you should fix the exposed blue reversed faces.

Those tree components aren’t helping performance either. Neither are the soccer goals.

I am a contractor/developer. I personally don’t model stuff but am kicking off a new affordable housing initiative for the state of Georgia.

I cannot use my Revit piping and Sheetmetal and piping detailers from my other Companies, and we really create fabrication drawings and not renderings , what I am trying to do for a presentation to the State. Once we get 1st round of funding done I’ll go back to what I do and build it.
You do this for a living ?

I do some SketchUp modeling, although not so much of the kind of stuff your model shows, and SketchUp/LayOut instruction.

so what can I do to make all of this go faster or easier. You see the size of the site , will have about 1500 homes on it. It has to look good

Thanks for the help

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There are a number of things you can do. Here are a few things.

Entourage: keep it light and appropriate. The trees don’t need to be as detailed as they are for the way you’re using them. Will there really be that many trees that close to the houses?

Soccer goals: eliminate the netting. Use a texture if you have to have something there but even without the netting I think most people looking at images of the model will understand what they are.

The same goes for the fences around the basketball courts.

Vehicles: Get rid of unneeded details that don’t add to the story. For example, do the wheels on the car need to be as detailed as they are? Do the lug nuts, Audi logo, and brake calipers add useful information to your model? Does the car make and model add anything to the information you’re trying to convey?

It looks like you just have a bunch of repetition in the house designs. Maybe you don’t actually need all of the buildings on the site to be detailed. Maybe you could imply thhe rest of the houses with simple shapes. Maybe they don’t all need to have a pickup truck and a car in the driveway.

Look at the details you’re adding and think about how much useful information they add to the project.

Also make sure you are purging your model to keep it cleaned up. No need to be hoarding hundreds of componnts and materials that you aren’t using.

As Dave pointed it, try to reduce the use of huge components probably imported from the 3D Warehouse.

Here are the statistics of your model.