I have a problem with skatter

Nice picture…

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how can i solve

If you want to be taken seriously, you have to give more information than a screenshot that says nothing…
What is the problem?
When does it happen?
What version of iOS?
Which Nvidia graphics card?

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the problem , image
it happend now
ios < windows 10 pro
nvidia gtx 1660

Maybe someone with Skatter experience can help you with this.

By the way, iOS is Apples operating system.

ok thanks for this information
btw how can i find this one

Wich one do you mean?

the who is experience with skatter…

Be patient, a lot of people read this forum but not all at the same time.
Europa is going to bed now, but America is awake now. Sometimes it takes a few minutes, sometimes days.
You could also contact Skatter directly. They are the experts…

thanks :blush: :blush:

They even have their own forum!

The error message says that the grass component that you were using was deleted and therefore Skatter cannot do anything since it needs a component (or group) to ‘scatter’. Add the component back or select a different one. Then go to the second part of the Skatter dialog box where it says ‘Scattered objects’ and add it back and click ‘regenerate.’

I have faced the same issue. the reason is
V-Ray Next Update 2.2 (4.20.03) released on August 5th introduced a major conflict with the Skatter Library.
When this version of V-Ray is installed, you will not be able to load proxies from the Skatter Library.
We have reported the issue to Chaos Group and are waiting for a fix.
In the meantime, you should avoid installing V-Ray 4.20.03, or roll-back to the previous version (“Update 2.1”, 4.20.02) .

don’t open this link. its a thread link.