I have a nesting question

My question: How do I unnest Wall and stairs in outliner? I would like to see one item listing in outliner instead of a sublisting.See Screen shot. I am not sure how it got that way but it is difficult to edit if I need to. Since the original component was made there have been several changes.2017-11-26_20-06-17
Thx Dave

You can also Drag and drop within Outliner.


To emphasize, “drag and drop” is your best bet.

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If you have multiple instances of a container, e.g. several identical levels, and want to move an entity out of its parent container, e.g. move out the partition walls so they can be edited individually for each floor, you can use Eneroth Lift Entities (http://extensions.sketchup.com/en/content/eneroth-lift-entities).

This plugin creates one new instance for each instance of the former parent. If there is just one instance of the parent the result ill however be identical to drag and drop.

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Hi DaveR, wouldn’t an empty component be removed from the outliner? A container containing nothing will vanish FAIK.

Figured it out, I dragged 3 out of 4 and was able to delete 4 without affecting the model
Thanks for jogging my memory I had forgotten about the D&D

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