I have a 2d drawing that I would like to convert into 3d

I have a 2d drawing and also a hand rendering that i have done but would like to see this in 3d let me know please who might be interested and that can do this.


Rods Library.pdf (1.6 MB)

Well, I’m jumping on board just for fun.
Only thing is that I would like to know a little bit more about you and this project.
Looking at your web site:
it seems that you should manage pretty well with such a little job, what are you exactly expecting from your query on this forum?

I think they are expecting to have someone make them a 3d model from stolen designs.

Who stole what from whom?

It would appear that the OP has taken designs from Infinite Designs and wants them modeled. I may be wrong but as the first two posts which contain links to the designs have been hidden by the community it looks highly suspicious.
The designs are excellent and whomever produced them shouldn’t be needing any assistance to make them 3d.

Just an observation: The designs uploaded by the OP are higher resolution than the designs on Infinite Design’s website.

That’s exactly why I asked…[quote=“p.elmer, post:4, topic:88948”]
it seems that you should manage pretty well with such a little job, what are you exactly expecting from your query on this forum?

By the way what means OP?

I understood that.
OP is either Original Post or Poster.

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Thanks Box, I’ll knew it next time:smile:

I’ve looked at the website further and and the user name here and there appear to match, so I’m not sure what has caused people to flag the posts. Still confused about the background to the thread.
It will be nice to hear from @Idccinc for a bit of clarity.
My apologies for saying anything was stolen if that is not the case.

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It would be nice if the message would just mention the reason for why the comments were flagged… it’s already obvious that they are hidden when you have to click on some hypertext called ‘View hidden content’ just to show it.

Everyone always seems to guess about this stuff… and I can’t see a good reason for not being told why it happened in the first place. It would be better still if a count was shown for how many people flagged the comments.

The users who flag messages are protected behind anonymity, so it’s not like they’re being singled out and identified for anything.

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Agree mucho mucho. And have said this before as well.

Once the magic number has been met, no more flags are allowed (the flag button is not shown.)
The admins can change the magic number. It might be 2 or 3, ask @jody.


Ah, I see. Well, if they’re going to cap off the top end then it won’t matter anyhow… so I won’t hold my breath for this one.

I’ve hit the flag button by accident a few times. I didn’t see a way to recall it.

I am new to Sketch up and totally surprised by all this reaction to my post and the thoughts of spam and thatbyou guys think I am trying to do illegal activity. I simply want to hire Someome to do a 3d image of a library I have hand drawn and a computer shop drawing I have done. It is on my web site and my Instagram under infinitedesigns Inc as well. Anyway when someone is truly interested please email me through this post I guess or idccinc@yahoo.com or serge@infinitedesigns.com. Hopefully I don’t have any hackers from here. Also please advise what I should look out for if there might be any illegal activity coming to me from Sketcup. Ty serious inquiries only please. Ty Serge

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I can’t speak for the people that flagged your post, but in my case the flagging made me curious and I didn’t look carefully enough. We are so used to seeing rendering here that I looked at the images on your website and assumed you had posted some really good quality renders and as such should have been quite capable of turning your drawing into 3d.
Only after I went back and actually looked did I realise the images were in fact photos of excellent work, not renders. This made me check your contact details and convinced me you were real and just asking for help.

The excellent quality of your work led to my mistake.

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Perhaps following the instructions for the category might prevent “knee-jerk” flagging in the future:


@Idccinc and sages

It was an automatic flag as the system detected a possible spam event. The first two posts by NEW members are put under special scrutiny by the system.
I believe you were flagged because your second post was done so quickly after is first.


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@sam I wish the message would say …
This post has been automatically hidden by the system and is under administrative review.”
… instead of blaming the “community”. Perhaps then the argument would have been avoided.